«Electron»  is a manufacturer of up-to-day passenger electric transport – trams, trolleybuses and electric buses.


«Electron» trams are single-space low-floor cars with an air conditioning system in passenger compartment, reduced vibration and noise level. Cars are intended for tracks of a different gauge and have three, four and more sections.


«Electron» trolleybuses are full low-floor electric transport of a superior comfort with specially furnished places for passengers with disabilities. Total capacity of a car compartment – more than 100 passengers. The main performance of a new trolleybus is an ability of its autonomous motion, i.e. without overhead line, at a distance up to 3 km.


«Electron» electric bus is an ecological urban transport of a new generation and an example of efficient use of a cheap electric power for passengers transportation. A distance run of the electric bus without recharging of tractive storage battery is 300 km.


Technical level of all enterprise production meets up-to-day European demands to urban transport, including safety and comfort level.



Electronmash Plant  Ltd