Electronmash  Ltd

Production of urban electric transport - low-floor trams, buses and electric buses of heightened comfort level. Metal working services.


«ElectronMash» plant

Production of municipal vehicles of multifunctional purpose, ambulances.


«Spheros-Electron» Ltd

Production of autonomic fluid heaters, receivers, fuel tanks, steering columns for means of transport. Arrangement of climatic systems, ventipanes, and sun roofs. Metal working services.


Scientific-research company «Karat»

Development of technologies of getting and industrial production of materials for nano- and microelectronics, sensitive equipment and informatics, opto- and acoustoelectronics, quantum electronics, optics, etc.


«Polymer-Electron» plant

Polymeric, plastic and polystyrene articles production of different complexity level. Metal working services.


Financial leasing company «Electron-Leasing»

Services in operative leasing (lease). Sports and recreation services. Production and installation of metal-plastic constructions (doors, windows, etc.). Auto maintenance and repair.


«Electronpobutprylad» Ltd

Production of low-power motors of industrial and household purpose. Production of electric household equipment. Production of articles of polymeric materials. Metal working services.

Television plant «Electron»

Production of LED TV-sets.