Excursion for schoolchildren to the Concern enerprises


A theoretical and practical excursion to "Electrontrans” and "ElectronMash” machine-building enterprises for Semenivsyk comprehensive school pupils of 9-10 –th forms of Pustomytiv district (Lyviv region) was hold.


During the excursion schoolchildren were told about history of the enterprises, their main  directions of activities, were shown shops and specialized areas, where  pupils had an opportunity to see work of the  plants from workpieces cutting  to finished product assembly – trolleybuses, buses and trams.

Pupils in detail acquainted  themselves with the newest equipment and up-to-date technology of urban transport manufacturing. Furthermore, the excursion expanded  young people's idea about required engineering and working professions for the enterprises: designer, technologist, turner, miller, electric welder, electro-gas welder, assembling fitter, machine fitter and others.

The excursion was interesting and substantial, it aroused interest of pupils, namely, they asked  questions  about institutes of higher education, colleges and vocational schools which trained  personnel for machine-building, about  conditions of work and  career development in prospect.