The first “Electron” buses purchased by Uzhhorod this year were transfered to the town

02.10.2019 3 buses purchased by Uzhhorod on the terms of leasing came from Lviv on their own. They are the first new buses which the town will get this month. The buses were met by mayor Bogdan Andriyyv and the director of "Uzhhorod municipal transport” utility enterprise Vitaliy Gotra.


New "Electron” buses which fill up Uzhhorod municipal bus park differ from buses purchased by town last year. Taking into account the wishes of customer, passenger compartment and a number of bus systems were improved.

Passenger seats became more up-to-date and comfortable, heating /climate system and steering gear were modified, video surveillance was upgraded, validators for fare digital payment were installed, etc. Furthermore, each bus is equipped with tools and appliances needed for maintenance operations.


As Uzhhorod mayor Bogdan Andriyyv noted, "Electron” buses` work during a year in regional centre confirmed suitability and efficiency of a big capacity transport and particularly emphasized that the town was not mistaken in choice of a manufacturer – the buses proved their reliability and both passengers and exploiting organization are satisfied with them.


After registration formality new "Electron” buses come to a rout of Uzhhorod.

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