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During almost a centenary history «Electron» passed its way up from a small electrical engineering workshop to a large multi-branch concern in manufacturing production of scientific and technical, industrial and domestic purpose.


«Electron» is a Joint-Stock Company, its shares were registered in Ukraine under 1.


In 1918, beginning its activity as an electrical engineering workshop, in the middle of last century «Electron» became an enterprise in production of television sets of the same brand name, which came into the history of domestic TV-sets` production as a reliable and the most popular brand.


Up-to-date «Electron» is being dynamically developed as a machine building corporation.


In a newly founded JV «ElectronVash Plant» the first in Ukraine and CIS full low-floor «Electron» tram was designed and produced. It meets European safety and comfort demands. In addition to the mass production of the trams for tracks of a different gauge the enterprise started to manufacture trolleybuses of its own design and also electrobuses – a new perspective type of municipal transport.


Automobile building «ElectronMash» plant designs and produces municipal vehicles of multifunctional purpose versatile all-wheel mobile mechanized complexes with changeable bodies and hinged attachments. «ElectronMash» plant also began to produce of-road all-wheel drive ambulances for mountain and village areas.


JV «Spheros-Electron», Ltd. is one more machine building enterprise of the concern. It was founded in 1996 and showed itself as a producer and supplier of a high-quality engineering for the means of transport: fluid heaters for buses, lorries, agricultural and constructional engineering, and also air-conditioners, ventipanes, receivers, fuel tanks and steering columns.


Along with new directions of activity, «Electron» successfully develops its traditional manufacture of a high-technological and competitive production.


Among the leaders of a domestic branch of technologies and materials for electronics is «Karat» scientific-research company. «Karat» specializes in the development of technologies of getting and setting-up of industrial production of various materials for electronics, including the use of nanotechnologies. In particular, the production of the enterprise was used for the creation of ultrasensitive detectors of a large hadron collider within the bounds of implementation of European Centre of nuclear tests project in Switzerland. «Karat» SRC is the main scientific-research enterprise in Ukraine in the direction «Materials for electronic engineering».


«Polymer-Electron» plant which is in the structure of the concern is one of the greatest plastic enterprise in Ukraine. Production capacities – robotized thermoplastic injection molding machines and complex for production of polysterene products – are used by well-known Ukrainian and foreign companies. Instrumental production of the plant is the most powerful in the region.


«Electron» was and remains to be a designer and manufacturer of equipment of special and military purpose. Guidance systems for high-precision aircraft armament, short-range aeronavigation and other military radio-electronic equipment, designed by «Tekon-Electron» Separate Design Bureau, are well-known to the specialists of the branch.


The new main directions of production activity "Electron” TV Plant are development and production of electronic systems for transport: multiplex CAN-control systems for low-voltage vehicle circuits, control systems for traction batteries of electric buses (BMS), etc., installed on passenger vehicles of the brand "Electron".

«Electronpobutprylad» plant develops the line of small household appliances manufacturing. Separate area of the plant`s activity is production of low-power motors, which are used both in household appliances and car equipment, rail transport.


«Electron»  and its enterprises are old and reliable partners of many Ukrainian and foreign companies.


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