Metal working

Specialized tool and metal working production of «Electron» enterprises gives a wide range of services.


«Polymer-Electron» plant:

- complex production of accessories of different complexity levels and configurations – moulds and dies;

- electroerosive metal working (cutting, broaching);

- machine processing of details on NC- and universal machines – lathe, miller, surface grinding operations, etc;

- thermal treatment of metal details;

- scanning and 3D designing.



«Polymer-Electron» Plant



JV «Electrontrans»:

- laser cutting of sheet and pipe rolling on NC complexes;

- production of details and blanks on NC pipe-bending benches;

- painting of products, including large-dimension ones – bodies, buses, etc.



LLC JV «Electrontrans»



JV «Spheros-Electron»:

- laser metal cutting;

- pressure contact (spot) welding, seam butt welding, seam contact-roller welding, welding of stainless steel and aluminium;

- punching of details from sheet and roll materials;

- bending and twisting;

- lathe, miller, surface grinding operations;

- lacquer coating.



«Spheros-Electron» Ltd



«Electronpobutprylad» Ltd:

- sheets and rolls cutting;

- sheet-metal stamping;

- lathe operations;

- production of springs;

- aluminium injection moulding;

- galvanic zinc coating of metals;

- underwater and mechanical polishing aluminium and stainless steel.



«Electronpobutprylad» Ltd


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