Materials for electronics

Scientific–research direction of «Electron» activity is fundamental investigation, the development of technologies of getting and industrial production of new materials for micro- and radio electronics, including the use of nanotechnologies, and creation on their base new equipment and devices.


Unique high-tech equipment makes it possible to develop and produce nanoheterostructures of different purpose (for high-brightness light-emitting diodes, concentraters of solar batteries and powerful SHF-transistors), to grow single crystals for active elements of microchip and disc lasers, ionizing-radiation detectors, to create heterostructures for semiconducting lasers, LEDs and infrared detectors, thin-film semiconductors for infrared optics, optoelectronics, telecommunications, memory devices, etc.


Production of the сoncern is used in high energy physics, magnetoelectronics, acoustoelectronics, linear and non-linear optical instruments, quantum electronic, sensorics, cryoelectronics, in solid-state electronic and other high-tech branches, particularly, for creation of ultrasensitive detectors of Large hadron collider.



Scientific research company «Carat» 


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