Vehicles of a special purpose

«Electron»  is a manufacturer of vehicles of a special purpose for municipal economy and urgent medicine services.


«Electron» trucks of multifunctional purpose are year-round all-wheel drive mobile mechanized complex vehicles for public services, equipped with changeable kits of bodies and hinged attachments. One such truck is able to substitute a number of traditional municipal vehicles. «Electron» vehicles are unique on the territory of the CIS.


Specialized of-road all-wheel drive «Electron» ambulances – transport of hyper cross-country ability with a kit of medical equipment and means of emergency medical treatment, created for work of urgent and disaster medicine in difficult road conditions, namely, in village mountain and areas. The ambulances, their specifications, operating characteristics, medical packaging arrangement and devices meet the requirements of National standard «Ambulances and their equipment» ДСТУ 7032:2009.



«Electronmash» Plant


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