Areas of activity

Electric transport

Production of low-floor trams, trolleybuses and electric buses of a superior comfort.



Vehicles of a special purpose

Production of municipal vehicles and ambulances.



Climatic systems

Production of autonomic fluid heaters, receivers, fuel tanks, steering columns for means of transport. Installation of climatic systems, ventipanes and sun-roofs.



Materials for electronics

The development of technologies of getting and industrial production of materials for nano- and microelectronics, sensoric engineering and informatics, opto- and acoustoelectronics, quantum electronics, optics, etc.



Polymeric industry

Production of articles of different complexity level of polymeric materials and expended polystyrene.



Low-power electric motors

Production of low-power electric motors of industrial and household purpose.





Metal working

Tool production. Laser metal cutting, common mechanical and specialized metal working operations. Painting of articles, including large-dimension products.




Services in financial leasing, operative leasing (lease). Sports and recreation services. Production and installation of metal-plastic constructions (doors, windows, etc.). Packing of bulk food products. Auto maintenance and repair. Services in telephone communication and etc.

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