A contract on the delivery of 10 “Electron”trams to Kyiv was signed


On April 4, an agreement on the supply of 10 ‘Electron” tram cars to Kyiv with "Kyivpastrans”  Municipal Enterprise was signed.

According to the results of the public bidding carried out  through  ProZorro system on March 12, this year, in which Pesa Bydgoszcz SA and  "Electrontrans”  German-Ukrainian Joint Venture of   "Electron Concern took part, the cars of "Electron" brand won in three rounds of the auction with the best price offer.

Thus,  Concern will produce new fully low-floor 30-meter cars for the capital, which, according to the customer's wishes, will be equipped with a video surveillance system, an automated fare payment system, Wi-Fi routers and USB ports for charging gadgets.

The total amount of the concluded contract is UAH 497,962 thousand. Unlike previous deliveries of ‘Electron‘  trams to the capital, this amount includes the cost of sets of spare parts and specialized tools for their maintenance.