"Electron" corporate awards for “Lvivelectrotrans” workers


The president of Concern "Electron” Yuriy Bubes took part in a grand meeting dedicated to 125-th anniversary of Lviv tram, which occurred in LEM  Station - old streetcar shed.

He congratulated Lkp "Lvivelectrotrans” workers on the holiday and thanked company leaders and employees of the enterprise for long-term fruitful cooperation with "Electron” as to renovation of transport park with  up-to-date electric transport  and rewarded  the workers of the plant with corporate "Electron” decorations.

Yuriy Bubes presented the director of Lkp "Lvivelectrotrans” Volodymyr  Kovaliv, the head of tram shed  Roman Vasylyshyn and  the chief engineer of trolleybus shed Bogdan Lata with Concern "Electron” Gratitude.

The first "Electron” tram drivers Stepan Poplavskyy and Volodymyr Sherstnyakov, Margaryta Kacharovsyka, Tetyana Aliyeva, Oksana Zhabych, Iryna Kozak, Galyna Ivancho, Iryna Ivaneyko, Ivanna Kolisnyk, Galyna Kapytsya, Nataliya Ivchenkova, Tetyana Gorgut and Ganna Palyvoda, the first "Electron” electric bus driver Volodymyr Gusar were awarded with Concern`s Charter of honour for a high professionalism, perfect mastering and operation of a new up-to-date electric transport .

All persons awarded with Concern`s Charters of honour and Gratitudes  were also presented with keepsakes – corporate "Electron” watches.

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