One of these days Uzhhorod bus park will receive the first consignment of new modernized “Electron” buses

17.09.2019 Taking into account the experience of "Uzhhorod municipal transport” utility enterprise a number of constructive changes were made in bus engineering design.

Meeting the wishes of a customer and passengers, much more comfortable passenger seats were installed in a compartment - they are of a new European standard, designed and produced in one of "Electron” enterprises.

In addition, climatic system of the buses was considerably modified. Some changes of heating system were made – now a passenger compartment and driver`s cabin are heated separately. The designers of the enterprise mounted more powerful fans in a compartment, increased speed of their rotation, changed climate control system in a driver`s cabin. Furthermore, bus compartment is equipped with filters which reduce dust penetration inside. For the purpose, there are special brushes on the doors, in their turn the doors have a new system of driving gear, providing more smooth opening.

To improve safety and control designers enhanced a system of emergency exits and installed additional appliances, namely, video surveillance was upgraded, now there are 6 video surveillance cameras in a bus including one in the driver`s cabin. The function of video viewing capability on-line mode is worked on now and soon it will be used in a bus.

There are other numerous engineering modifications in new "Electron” buses which make driving easier and raise their efficiency.

Overall the town will receive 10 buses like these increasing «Electron” bus park in Uzhhorod to 20 units

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