Round table of parliamentarians, power and manufacturers on electric transport development


This year on the 20-th of February in the committees of  Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine  Round table "Electric vehicles in the sphere of public transport” with the assistance of People's deputies, representatives of  Ministry of Ecology and Energetics, Ministry of infrastructure, Minregion, Kyiv municipal State authorities, Federation of automobile industry of Ukraine and also Kyiv municipal council, Kyiv regional State administration, Kyiv regional council and representatives of manufacturers of up–to-date public transport, including Concern "Electron”, took place in the capital. 

The participants of Round table discussed more efficient use of public electric transport, state and perspectives of State  incentives  for its development in Ukraine and also public initiations on its progress.

In particular, they said about necessary regulatory conditions for increasin domestic output of electric transport and a present-day state of legislation initiatives of business`circles, which are in the process of endorsement in Verkhovna Rada and are waiting for  their consideration by Parliament. The matter is introduction of changes into Custom and Tax codes of Ukraine and creation favorable conditions for producers at least not worse than in the countries-competitors.

In Round table on the part of Concern "Electron” a deputy chairman of the board Ivan Kuzovkin and general director of  "ElectronMash” plant  Vasyl Petsuh took part.


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