"We`ll build a competitive country!" - Chairman of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine Dmytro Oliynyk is assured


Dmytro Oliynyk Chairman of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine


Ludwick the 4th said: "The state  is me." So, if every Ukrainian realized that the state  was him, we would have had a rich and competitive country for a long time already.


And I am calm for members of our Federation. I am proud that among the members of the FEU there are many manufacturers such as "Electron".


My dream is that domestic cars (PJSC Eurocar / CJSC Eurocar), buses, trams, trolleybuses, electric buses (Electron Corporation, Bogdan Corporation, Etalon Corporation) drive through the streets of Ukrainian cities, our agricultural machinery is in the fields (Lozova cars - Lozova Machinery, UPEC Industrial Group, Elvorti, Belotserkovmaz, KhTZ Kharkov Tractor Plant, TOV "Kobzarenka Plant", Egritech, Variant Agro Build), domestic electric locomotives and  wagons ( Kryukivsky car-building plant, Dneprovagonmash OJSC, Azovmash factory, Aurum Group) run by rail, our utility vehicles ( Specbudmash, "UkrInnMash” corporation)  – production of municipal, road and  vehicles of  special purpose  serve the streets of our cities, Ruslans and Mriyas  (Antonov Company), Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-2 (SC Motor-Sich SC SC motor-Sich) soar into the sky.


And when such a day comes, I `ll be able to say with a confidence that we have finally started to build a competitive country.


I am sure that it will be built by those who REALLY fight for a dignified life of Ukrainians, who REALLY create jobs - highly qualified and highly productive, those who develop the technical and industrial potential of Ukraine and make the greatest contribution to the competitiveness of Ukraine!

People like Yuriy Bubes - Chairman of the Board of "Electron” Concern deserve the title of Heroes.


He does what is extremely important for our industry - he implements its own large-scale targeted program to localize the production of transport.

"Electron” produced the first Ukrainian electric bus. The company`s trams win international tenders.


The buyers from Germany, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and other Latin American countries, Turkey, China and Japan are interested in "Electron”.


"Karat” SPE, a member of the corporation, cooperates with the European Center for Nuclear Research in Switzerland. Its products were used to create the Large Andron Collider.


We see that the products of "Electron” are needed all over the globe, from Switzerland to Brazil. But, unfortunately, there is no prophet in his homeland.


Each of our producers wants the state to show finally its genuine interest in the development of domestic business, ECA  to take up finally its responsibilities. That public procurement did not support importers, but stimulated job creation, payment of taxes to the budget and took into account the degree of localization.


I hope that in the near future the Government, the Verkhovna Rada and the President of Ukraine will support the FRU's proposals for state policy aimed at building a modern, economically developed, innovative industrial country, and create conditions for Ukrainian factories that provide jobs for Ukrainians and some of them - over 100 years.

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