Results of voting at the general meeting of shareholders 23.04.2016

06.05.2016 April 23, 2016, the regular general meeting of shareholders of Open Joint Stock Company "Concern-Electron".

At a meeting of 78 registered shareholders and their authorized representatives, including the owners of the voting shares of 70 people registered.
Bounce was not registering.
Total registered voting shares (votes) 11,158,995, representing 86.3% of the total number of voting shares.
Decisions on the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders of PJSC "Concern-Electron"
Question 1: Board report results of the company's activities in 2015, the profit distribution (coverage loss) for 2015.
To approve the report of the Board on the results of the Company for 2015.
To approve the annual report of the Company, including:
- The balance of the Company and the consolidated balance sheet as at 31.12.2015 of the year;
- Report and the consolidated statement of financial performance of the Company for 2015.
Net income of  671000 UAH. send the payment of dividends. To pay dividends means dividends payout reserve, established in previous years, a total of  7100000 UAH. Approve and implement the payment of dividends in the amount of 0.5 UAH per share in the period up to 21.10.2016 in the manner determined by the Company's Charter.
for - 99.991% of the votes, against - 0.009% of the votes, abstained - 0% of the votes.
Question 2: About approval of the company in 2015-2016 transactions, contracts, agreements, contracts.

To approve the Company entering into transactions in 2015-2016, contracts, agreements, contracts, according to the list (attached).
for - 99.991% of the votes, against - 0.009% of the votes, abstained - 0% of the votes.
Question 3: About preliminary approval of major transactions of the company.
Given the need in 2016 the participation of JSC "Concern-Electron", its subsidiaries and companies in which the сompany has a significant part (hereinafter - the сompany) in tenders, competitions, auctions for the procurement of products manufactured by enterprises, to consent to the President, the Chairman of the Management Board of the company, Head of the enterprise on the relevant decisions of the Supervisory Board on the Company's and the enterprises of large transactions and pre-approval of the transaction, if the marginal aggregate market value of the property, works and services will be the subject of each of such transactions does not exceed UAH 500 million, as follows:.. Contracts (agreements, contracts) the sale, supply, contracting of goods (works, services), as well as to sign for their performance of credit agreements, contracts of bank guarantees, loans, loans, mortgage, mortgages, guarantees, etc. Which may be made within a period not exceeding one year from the date of adoption of this decision.
for - 91.192% - against 8,808% abstained - 0%.
Question 4: Report and conclusions of the audit commission results of the inspection activities of the Company in 2015.

To approve the report and conclusions of the Audit Commission on the results of the audit of financial and economic activity of the Company according to the results of 2015.
for - 99.999% of the votes, against - 0.001% of the votes, abstained - 0% of the votes.
Question 5: Report on the activities of the Supervisory Board in the period between the general meetings of shareholders.

To approve the report of the Supervisory Board activities during the period between General Meetings.
for - 99.991% of the votes, against - 0.009% of the votes, abstained - 0% of the votes.
Question 6: Election of members of the Audit Commission.

The distribution of cumulative votes between the candidates:
1. Kachmar Miroslav S. - 11,156,118 cum. vote. - 33.325% of the cum. vote.
2. Yuri Klachany Evstafievich - 11,171,097 cum. vote. - 33.369% of the cum. vote.
3. Podolsky Michael S. - 11,149,530 cum. vote. - 33.305% of the cum. vote.
Total cum. vote - 33 476 985. No vote - 240 cum. vote.
All candidates are selected.

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